Multifaceted Q&As: Kinsey Ann Durham

Published by Andrew Harvey on 3rd of January, 2014

One of the things that makes Ruby great is the people who make up the community. The vibrant open-sourcing of code and sharing of ideas is part of what makes Ruby such a great language to work with. When we started Multifacted, we wanted to participate in that exchange. That meant helping people share ideas and ask questions. When the idea to host some Q&As came along it was a no-brainer.

Last year, we had a Q&A with André Arko, the maintainer of Bundler. He had some great things to say about Bundler and where it's going. We had such fun doing that that we've decided to make these a more regular event.

The idea is that we host Q&As with interesting people doing interesting things so that you can ask questions. We're using the Google Hangouts Q&A system, so it's just a matter of connecting and adding your question. We had some really good questions last time and we're looking forward to more next tim.

We're excited to announce that we'll be kicking off our series of live Q&As next week with Kinsey Ann Durham. You may remember Kinsey from our RubyConf preview. She gave a great talk at RubyConf about building a new generation of developers through alternative paths including outreach programs and developer schools.

Whether you're looking to get into web development, looking to help someone get into web development, or are looking to hire someone who has come through one of these alternative pathways, Kinsey's experience and insight are invaluable.

The hangout will be at 5pm PST on Thursday 9th January (check your timezone). Check out the event on Google Plus, since that's where the magic will happen on the day.